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LiveTV has grown from a small high-tech start-up company into a global operation with hundreds of employees. With such an expansive network, we are able to both install aircraft with our entertainment systems and provide on-going, on-site customer support.


LiveTV's 26,000 square foot three-bay hangar is in a league of its own -

no other in-flight entertainment company has its own hangar, and ours comes with a dedicated team of technicians. We have performed several hundred installations, modifications and alterations under the hangar's roof, and have obtained FAA certifications to perform installations on ten variations of eight different types of aircraft. Those aircraft are:

Line Maintenance

Maintenance engineers work around the clock - at sites around the world - to make sure our products are in optimal form on every plane, every customer.

Maintenance Repair Organization sites

Our MRO partners act as our hangars away from home, allowing us to perform installations and modifications at sites around the world.

WADL sites

While an airplane rests between flights, our WADL stations keep working. Utilizing the latest in wireless technology, movies and other stored content are uploaded directly to the aircraft at the same time flight data files are downloaded from it, providing valuable aircraft information for maintenance and operations.

LiveTV Melbourne Operations

Our 52,000 square-foot offices serve as LiveTV’s corporate headquarters as well as the development lab for our current and future In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity systems.


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Work with Us

We offer competitive salaries and benefit plans, which include medical, dental, vision and a 401K employer match. We also provide a free air travel program.

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Melbourne, Florida

700 S. Babcock Street
Melbourne, FL 32901


T: 321-308-3900  |   F: 321-308-3939